Birgit PRÖLL
Siegfried REICH

The current situation of ad hoc development of Web applications reminds us of the software development practices of the 1960s, before it was realized that the development of applications required more than programming expertise. This book counteracts this situation by giving a comprehensive, practice-oriented and thorough insight into the new discipline of Web Engineering.
The text highlights the need to examine and re-use the body of knowledge found within software engineering. It demonstrates how to use that knowledge within the Web environment, in order to achieve a highly disciplined and methodological means of producing Web-based software, putting emphasize on current practices, experiences and pitfalls. The book demonstrates the distinctions between software engineering and Web engineering, for instance, the shorter lead times that Web engineering has compared to its software counterpart, whilst also demonstrating the rapid prototyping and agile methods of development needed to meet these criteria.
The book covers important topics of Web Engineering, including requirements analysis, design, architectures, technologies, test, operation and maintenance; this is complemented by in-depth knowledge about Web project management and process issues as well as important quality aspects of Web applications like usability, performance and security. An overview of Semantic Web concepts points the way to the development of future Web applications.


Provides insights into current concepts, methods, techniques, tools, and experiences for an engineering approach to Web application development

Complements existing technology-oriented books with an engineering approach

Identifies potential risks in Web application development

Identifies similarities and differences between the development of traditional, not Web-based applications and the development of Web applications

Analyses concepts, methods, techniques, and tools of traditional software engineering to see how suited they are for Web application development

Defines an important new vocational discipline, popular with students

Offers teachers a viable alternative to teaching software engineering

Reports on future developments in Web Engineering

Foreword by Prof. Wendy Hall

1st Edition
June 2006
448p, Softcover
ca. Euro 49,90 (D) / US$ 60,00
ISBN 0-470-01554-3 - John Wiley & Sons

  • Researchers, teachers and students
  • Web software developers
  • Web designers
  • IT consultants
  • Web project managers